About Us

At Tommy Swiss, we want to make great quality furniture accessible to everyone through everyday amazingly low prices. We achieve this through being a vertically integrated online only furniture retailer. Don’t believe us? View our prices, it’s real… they will “wow” you!

So how is this possible?

Well, firstly it’s about building out our extensive supply chain network so that we can get furniture straight from the factory to your doorstep in lightning speed. Almost 99% of orders are delivered within 3 days.

Next, it’s about cutting out the middlemen. By going straight from the factory and bypassing all the intermediaries, it means we can use the same or better materials in our furniture and sell them for way less. See what we mean below:

  1. Tommy Swiss mark up
  2. Cost to produce
Tommy Swiss
Same cost to make
  1. Retailer mark up
  2. Others' mark up
  3. Cost to produce

Our history

Tommy Swiss was founded in 2012 after a disgruntled investment banker - let’s call him Mr Swiss - felt that furniture prices were way too expensive. With a passion for beautiful design, attention to fine detail, he set out to disrupt the Australian furniture industry by making quality furniture accessible to everyday Australians.

Before long, Mr Swiss had sold hundreds of thousands of furniture pieces to customers all around Australia. To deliver the best quality at the best prices, he decided to set up his own large scale factory, manufacturing exclusive bed frame, mattress and sofa designs just for Tommy Swiss customers. This direct to consumer approach meant that the prices (and value) were simply irresistible!

Fast forward to today, Tommy Swiss is the go to destination for well-designed affordable furniture. Between being kept extremely busy serving all our customers, we’ve also picked up a couple of awards here and there. A sneak peak behind the doors of our warehouse will see numerous large semi-hauler trucks picking up hundreds of cartons of furniture everyday.

Our history is not finished, as the team at Tommy Swiss continues to work hard for our customers, making sure only the best value furniture is being delivered at the click of a button.